The heavy lifting starts after you’ve made the decision to invest in Fredericton.

The Ignite team helps you ramp up your business and access the resources you need to meet your goals. We assist by providing location and recruitment support, help in accessing funding, and other administrative, strategic, and operational support depending on needs. Your aftercare plan is as unique as your business and will evolve over time. At Ignite, we commit to being your long-term partner in growth.

But we provide more than that. When you invest in Fredericton, you become part of a tight-knit community of business, research, and government leaders all moving in the same direction: forward. Ignite is the catalyst that brings them all together in a common mission to improve, evolve, and innovate.

Whether you’re a high-growth start-up or a regional division of a well-established multinational, we work with you on a constant basis to ensure that Fredericton remains the most competitive and advantageous place for your business.

Why LuminUltra Chose Fredericton: