Agriculture & Agri-technology

Agriculture & Agri-technology Innovation in Fredericton  

New Brunswick's oldest industry is competing to be its most innovative. Business and research in Fredericton is responding to energy and water challenges, environmental concerns, and climate change with innovative agricultural solutions. New Brunswick established a $37 million fund for agriculture R&D and development and adoption of new technologies to improve profitability, competitiveness, and sustainability of the agriculture sector.

Agriculture & Agri-technology Research

Fredericton’s two-kilometer square innovation district, anchored by the University of New Brunswick and its thriving R&D agenda, produces cross-pollination between agriculture R&D and Fredericton’s other knowledge industries, including information technology and aeronautics. Start-ups continue to emerge, including game changers like Fredericton-based Resson’s crop production optimizing software and Remsoft's land management solutions. 

Bioscience companies in the province have quadrupled in the last decade, with the largest growth in the Fredericton region. Private sector and academic researchers are working to reduce the use of agri-chemicals, developing new varieties of potatoes, conducting trials of sex pheromones and biological insecticides using state-of-the art delivery technologies, supporting the use of bio-sources for a broad range of goods and services, and much more. 


  • Biorefining opportunities of forests, fields and oceans
  • Ample availability of farmland for new crops entrants, products and technologies
  • Access to rich research clusters, innovation, sector expertise, commercialization support and a broad range of funding programs.