Agricultural Biotechnology

New Brunswick is at the forefront of global research in agricultural biotechnology. At just $5,000 per acre, New Brunswick offers the most affordable land and lowest agriculture entry costs in Canada. Of the province’s 380,000 ha of agricultural land, just 5 per cent is being farmed. Local farmers coexist with global giants like McCains and Cavendish Farms, which are headquartered in New Brunswick.

Businesses looking to develop or test agritech products or services will benefit from lower business costs, world class researchers, a highly educated work force, competitive R&D and agriculture-specific incentives, and industrial and technological innovations.

Key Agriculture Stakeholders

  • Potato Genome Project
  • Atlantic Forestry Centre of the Canadian Forest Services
  • Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Biotechnological Sciences (Grand Falls, NB)
  • Fredericton Research and Development Centre


  • A transforming industry with focus on value-added innovation versus farm commodities
  • Established agricultural trade links
  • Agritech growth supported by available and broad-based  expertise, resource assets and ongoing research and development activities 
  • World class potato research centre focused on gene and species improvement initiatives
  • Best agriculture and agritech ecosystem for new technology development and/or testing as well as new crop entrants 
  • Partnering, strategic alliance opportunities with larger established companies

Agricultural Biotechnology Innovator

Fredericton-based Sylvar Technologies Inc is focused on the production and commercialization of baculovirus products to provide environmentally safe pest management in diverse marketplaces including agriculture and forestry.