Ignite Fredericton Blog: January 2017

Innovation at the forefront of Fredericton's strategic approach

Fredericton was founded on a tradition of innovation from the early pioneers to the forefathers who established the oldest university in Canada. Innovation is in our DNA, it’s part of our culture.  When we think innovation, it typically conjures images of high tech companies and research & development, but it’s in the fabric of everything from our preserved heritage to the design of our streetscapes, green spaces, and art, cultural & recreational amenities. 

Being the fourth highest university-educated population in Canada, it comes as no surprise that our universities and colleges continue to produce top-notch talent.
In this monthly column, I’m going to take you on the journey of how we evolved from a sleepy little government/university town to a thriving knowledge-based economy.  We’re going to explore not only the information technology sector, but how our entrepreneurs are innovating across multiple sectors, and how our...

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