Ignite Fredericton Blog: February 2017

Fredericton's Innovation District

We are republishing some great articles that we wrote for the Dialy Gleaner last year. They reflect the hard work, thought, and vision of so many of our city's business leaders, innovators, educators, and city staff.

Fredericton's Innovation District

In December, we explored the City’s journey of diversifying from a government/university town to a thriving knowledge-based economy, investing in digital infrastructure, and earning global brand equity as a ‘smart city’.

In this month’s column, you will learn about what’s happening in our Innovation District.  The concept of innovation district evolved from another key deliverable of the city’s first economic development strategy, Vision 2000.  It was to develop a ‘knowledge corridor’ by creating a technology and research park, and leveraging assets like the universities and research and development organizations.

Having starte...

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Tackling the Skills Gap

We are re-republishing some of our Daily Gleaner articles from 2016. It's a good reminder of who we are, what we believe, and where we are going.

My last two columns provided some historical context on how Fredericton earned its global brand equity as a ‘smart city’ through diversification from a government/university town to a thriving knowledge-based economy.  The building blocks were significant investment in digital infrastructure, and building a ‘knowledge corridor’, known today at the Innovation District, anchored by Knowledge Park and the University of New Brunswick.

As I suggested last month, I truly believe that the knowledge industry is our equivalent to Alberta’s oil sands with such a large number of knowledge-based companies located in the Fredericton Region.  The continuous growth of this sector is what carried us through the recession, and is where we will see future growth and good paying jobs tomor...

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