Ignite Fredericton Blog: August 2017

Ignite Announces Initiative to drive Export & Startup Growth


Gleaner Column

Chapter 7 - Ignite Announces Innovative Initiative to drive Export & Startup Growth

As the steward of the community’s economic development strategy, Vision 2020, Ignite Fredericton reported the creation of 410 direct jobs (156 indirect) and 55 new startups since January 2015 at the Vision 2020 Progress Summit on June 8th. 

Ignite also reported on key strategy deliverables including: the integration of Ignite Fredericton, Planet Hatch and Knowledge Park into one operational organization, driving the creation of an entrepreneurial hub, an investment attraction strategy and toolkit, new export acceleration program, and partnership with the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Business Administration program.

As part of the collaborative partnership with the University of New Brunswick, programming for the  Activator p...

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Innovation or common sense?


Gleaner Column

Chapter 8 - Innovation or common sense to leverage assets and create jobs?

Did you know that there is $7.2 billion of potential investment and 5,000 jobs projected for New Brunswick over the next five years in major natural resource development projects according to economists?  Did you know that at the stroke of a pen, $2.2 billion has been deducted from the equation for shale gas development? Including the latter, these mega projects originally projected peak employment demand of 8,600 positions from 2017-18, and 28,000 by 2025.  With a provincial deficit expected to hit $13.4 billion by next year, as New Brunswickers, we need to be open to new, innovative ways of generating prosperity and jobs for future generations.  When are we going to project a truly open-for-business philosophy and proactive approach to grow our prov...

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Be Part of Fredericton’s Digital Revolution

As the economic development arm of the City of Fredericton, Ignite Fredericton continues to tout Fredericton’s well-deserved reputation as one of Canada’s most innovative municipalities. It’s a narrative that has attracted new businesses, investment and talent from across the globe.

From its adoption of ISO and Lean-Six Sigma for service and process improvement to its award-winning initiatives in community broadband and communications, Fredericton has consistently punched above its weight as a ‘smart city’.  But what is next for Fredericton?

The City of Fredericton has a vision to be a ‘Digital City’, which will see the modernization of government operations and service delivery to citizens. This will be the next leg of the journey to position Fredericton as the leading, innovative municipality in Canada.

This effort of modernizing government operations and service delivery falls into three main categories of business...

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Join us In Welcoming Sam!

Another startup is growing their team, and we welcome our new Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator to Planet Hatch!

Lisa Kinney, who joined Planet Hatch to make a mark on the Fredericton startup ecosystem, is now moving from supporting startups to joining one. She will be bringing her expertise in client outreach, business development, and operations to eChart Healthcare, founded and led by Amanda Betts.

Lisa joined the Planet Hatch team in January of last year as the Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator. During her time at Planet Hatch she expanded programming and events held in the centre, created new initiatives for the city’s ecosystem, and redesigned the space.

“My experience working at Planet Hatch has been inspiring,” said Lisa. “I love how passionate people are about their own businesses, and how the community supports entrepreneurs.”

eChart is changing lives with how families stay connected within their new life of long-...

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