Ignite Fredericton Blog: February 2018

How Fredericton is Attracting Int'l Entrepreneur Talent


Gleaner Column

How Fredericton is Attracting International Entrepreneur Talent

In our last few columns we focused on the amazing local startups that are being incubated and grown in Fredericton, punching above their weight class and competing in the global business arena. The supportive ecosystem and competitive business environment that our city is known for doesn’t just produce great companies, it also attracts them from around the world. In this column, we’re focusing on how Fredericton is attracting and retaining international entrepreneurs to our business community with a particular focus on immigrant entrepreneurs.

We already know that Fredericton fits many of the key criteria that shape an entrepreneur’s decision on where to move a business: market access and growth potential, access to innovation (R&D and talent), cost competitiveness, and...

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