Chris, a Homegrown Talent

  • Mara
  • 2018-05-28



A Frederictonian by birth, Chris McGinn chose to stay close to his roots in pursuit of his Bachelor of Business Administration the University of New Brunswick, one of the leading and most entrepreneurial universities in the country. Offering world-class programs and degrees in over 60 disciplines, the university is a known breeding ground for talent and innovation. Chris found his way to Ignite Fredericton through a unique partnership developed between the Export Igniter program, and the Faculty of Business Administration. As an eager undergraduate, Chris was paired with a high-growth startup to gain real world experience and to assist the company in conducting extensive market research, lead generation, and the creation of an export strategy. Already familiar with the business landscape, and having been praised for his dedication and passion by those in the program, Chris was a great addition to our team here at Ignite Fredericton:

What’s your story?
I am a lifetime Frederictonian who graduated from Albert Street Middle School, Fredericton High, and am currently attending UNB as a Business Administration student with a major in Finance, a minor in Economics, and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Outside of my work and studies, I like to stay involved in my school and community, coach baseball, play hockey, and continent-hop!

What attracted you to our organization?
Through my Entrepreneurship concentration at UNB, I took part in Ignite’s Export Igniter program this past spring, and further grew my newly-found passion for helping new and growing businesses in any way I can. (The free coffee and breakfasts are a bonus too).

What are your goals as the new Entrepreneurial Services Assistant?
I hope to take two already very well established programs--the Start-up Visa Program at Planet Hatch and Choose Fredericton--to the next level. I think the Choose Fredericton program is on the verge of something big and exciting and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it!

What will you bring to your role that is unique?
As a finance major who shifted directions very recently, my interest in business development, attraction, retention, etc. is extremely new. My spark has just “ignited” and I am a clean slate with some (hopefully) fresh ideas!

Why did you choose to live and work in Fredericton?
I lived in Fredericton for 18 years because I didn’t have a choice, but decided to stay here (without question) for the sense of community that the city has. Fredericton is unique in so many special ways that I am still finding out to this day, which is pretty tough to leave.