Fredericton Region Well-Represented At National Pathways to Prosperity Conference

  • Ignite
  • 2017-12-06



In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, The Pathways to Prosperity Annual National Conference closed the year reflecting on Canada’s current innovation in immigration research, policy, practice, and future steps. The conference was held in the city of Toronto, that became host to various Fredericton Region representatives.

Over 350 participants attended the National Conference, including six Fredericton stakeholders: The City of Fredericton, New Brunswick Population Growth Division, The Multicultural Association of Fredericton, The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, The Local Immigration Partnership of Fredericton, and Ignite Fredericton.

Best practices and resources gathered by Fredericton region stakeholders present at the conference will work to enhance the level at which we continue to demonstrate Canada’s leadership in immigration and Atlantic Canada’s innovative practices, such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and NouLab’s Economic Immigration Lab, which were both panel subjects at the Conference.

“We are entering exciting times with immigration in New Brunswick. With such great emphasis being well-placed on building new strategies and forging new partnerships that are increasing awareness along with dispelling the myths behind what immigration actually is and what it means for New Brunswick’s economy, population, and future," said Janet Moser, Director Fredericton Immigrant Business Services Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. "It was exceptionally inspiring to have so many of my Provincial partners and collaborators on hand at the Pathways to Prosperity Conference in Toronto and it reinforces how New Brunswickers work together to create opportunity not only for our respective regions but for the entire Province and Atlantic. The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is very proud to be actively involved in the future of immigration in New Brunswick and look forward to a bright tomorrow for our newcomer's settlement, inclusion, success, and happiness."

Written by Leticia de Gante, Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator, Ignite Fredericton