Join us In Welcoming Sam!

  • Mara
  • 2017-08-24



Another startup is growing their team, and we welcome our new Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator to Planet Hatch!

Lisa Kinney, who joined Planet Hatch to make a mark on the Fredericton startup ecosystem, is now moving from supporting startups to joining one. She will be bringing her expertise in client outreach, business development, and operations to eChart Healthcare, founded and led by Amanda Betts.

Lisa joined the Planet Hatch team in January of last year as the Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator. During her time at Planet Hatch she expanded programming and events held in the centre, created new initiatives for the city’s ecosystem, and redesigned the space.

“My experience working at Planet Hatch has been inspiring,” said Lisa. “I love how passionate people are about their own businesses, and how the community supports entrepreneurs.”

eChart is changing lives with how families stay connected within their new life of long-term care. The founder, Amanda Betts, participated in Plant Hatch and Propel ICT’s Launch Acceleration Program in 2016, and was identified as one of the top companies to pitch at Regional Demo Day in Halifax. The Planet Hatch team is excited to continue to provide support this new tech company as they flourish and continue to expand.

With that, we'd like to welcome the newest member of our team - Samantha Wheeler! This week we sat down with Sam and asked her to officially introduce herself to the entrepreneurial comunity:

What’s your story?
I was born in Halifax, and with my father being in the navy we moved a lot. I was in Ontario when my parents decided to open an M&M Meat Shop in Moncton, New Brunswick. That’s where I grew up. I began working for my parents at a young age, and dedicated my summers to saving for university. I’ve always been a very involved kid starting in elementary school where I joined the Peer Mentoring Program designed to pair children with other children on the playground. In middle school and high school I became even more involved, joining bullying awareness committees, student council, cheerleading, and organizing blood drives.

Originally I had a natural curiosity for the sciences but with all of extracurriculars I was involved with, my passion quickly turned to organization, coordination and people. Teachers and counselors encouraged me to leave my path to science and pursue a career in marketing and public relations; that’s how I found my way to The University of New Brunswick where I spent four years getting my Bachelors degree and meeting amazing people along the way. The university was known for having one of the best Business Administration programs in Atlantic Canada - it was also the perfect distance for me to go home and do laundry once a month!

What brought you to us?
During my years at the university I began working closely with Karen Murdock [Chief Programs Officer at Planet Hatch] at the International Business Entrepreneurship Centre and through pitch competitions. This really spiked my interest in supporting entrepreneurs. I loved the courage it took for someone to create a new business from nothing, and I think bravery deserves support. I have Karen to thank for where I am today, and for choosing me as a volunteer those years ago.

Why Planet Hatch...Why Fredericton?
Four years in Fredericton isn’t enough. It’s such a beautiful city with a picturesque landscape. Fredericton has tremendous growth potential and there are so many connections to be made. Planet Hatch is the most talked about accelerator in the maritimes, and to have the opportunity to work here is pretty great.

What are a few things that make you unique?
I love thinking of new ways to do things, or just jazz things up. I get really excited and I want to see other people get excited as well. I think that’s pretty unique. I care a lot about people and that’s something that people know me for.

What are your goals as the new Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator?
I want to continue the work that has been set by my predecessors, and continue to evolve planet hatch and increase member satisfaction. I hope to bring an excitement to Planet Hatch and the greater community about entrepreneurship and the great work that they [Planet Hatch] do supporting start-ups.

What do you envision for Planet Hatch?
My wheels are definitely turning! Maybe a 360 degree virtual tour? I would like to help Planet Hatch continue with its adoption of new, state-of-the-art tech enhancements and I’m dedicated to making change by just being aware of opportunities and taking them.