Meet Book, Like A Real Book!

  • Ignite
  • 2017-12-06



As our team continues to grow, so do our employees. Michelle Hull, otherwise known as the friendly face that greets guests upon arrival and keeps our office running, will be stepping into a new role as one of our more senior members, Wendy Gallant, embarks on a new journey and raises a glass to retirement!

Wendy Gallant, our esteemed Office Manager and employee of over twenty-years, hopes to spend her time planning the occasional trip to warm climates, giving back to her community and re-discovering her love of quilting. 

With this, we've welcomed Book Sadprasid to our ever-growing team! Book comes to us from within the startup scene as a previous employee of SimpTek, a company that uses big data analytics to uncover insights about electricity to increase energy efficiency. Originating from Thailand, Book brings with her a love of photography, a quarky personality and a unique name. Known for introducing herself as "Book, like a real book!," we sat down with her this week and asked her to officially introduce herself to the entrepreneurial community:

What’s your story?
I was born and raised in Bangkok, but Fredericton has been my home since 2012. I graduated from St. Thomas University with majors in journalism, communications and public policy and a minor in economics. Outside of work, I spend most of my time traveling the world with my camera - capturing people's stories and their unforgettable moments is my hobby!

What makes you the perfect fit for this role?
Before moving to Fredericton, I spent a couple of years working in many photography studios across Asia. It gave me the opportunity to work alongside many incredible artists/entrepreneurs who taught me to always create and innovate. Since then, it has always been my career goal to work with and support the entrepreneurial community. When I moved here, I immediately started getting involved in the New Brunswick startup community and had the chance to work with many amazing, fast-growing ventures. I am excited to continue working in the ecosystem with Ignite Fredericton helping entrepreneurs start, grow and locate their businesses here.

Why did you choose Fredericton?
I chose Fredericton for many reasons: the lifestyle, the people and more. But I mainly love this city just because it feels like home.

What are a few things that make you unique?
Besides my name? [haha] I think the fact that I always look for ways to make things more efficient and aesthetic would be something that makes me unique!