Meet Our New Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator!

  • Mara
  • 2018-11-19



Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, recently announced that in 2021 Canada will take in 40,000 more immigrants. Newcomers are a huge asset for an economy as they address skills shortages and gaps in the labour market. Alike, immigrants bring with them practices and knowledge from their homeland which are distinctive and unique. Newcomers enhance multilingualism and diversity. Nevertheless, the challenges faced by them are multi-faceted. From immigration paperwork, to culture and communication styles at the workplace, newcomers have a lot to take on board to fully integrate to the community.

At Ignite Fredericton, one of our key priorities is to establish long-term partnerships between the public and private sector that will assure newcomers’ needs are met all through the settlement and integration process. Meet Amgad Zaky, Ignite Fredericton’s new Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator, whom with great enthusiasm and passion will help drive the city’s economy.

What’s your story?

I was born and raised in Egypt. However, I completed my undergraduate studies in Lebanon and since, I’ve been involved in multiple projects in various countries. In 2016, I moved to Canada to pursue my Master of Development Practice at the University of Waterloo's School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development. I got married in Ukraine and I currently live with my wife in Fredericton. I have recently gotten Confirmation of Permanent Residence through the Provincial Nominee Program, and alike, my wife is going through the process.  

What makes you the perfect fit for this role?

I have an extensive background working in community development and in the nonprofit sector, which I have gained in Canada and internationally. As a newcomer myself, I have grown my passion for helping other immigrants through facilitating their settlement process. As the Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator, I have the opportunity to network with organizations that aim to successfully integrate and retain newcomers and immigrants.

Why did you choose Fredericton?

I chose Fredericton because it is a beautiful, clean, and welcoming city. After my wife and I decided to make our “grand move” to Fredericton, and as soon we landed in the airport and turned our phones on, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that we had a job lined up. That was a definite sign that we were welcomed in the city. I could think of no better way we could have ever felt welcomed.

What are the things that make you unique?

A genuine desire to make our world a better place, to be a catalyst for positive change, and to spread love and peace to others.