Meet Our New Marketing Intern!

  • Mara
  • 2018-11-19



We are pleased to introduce Lourdes Pastrana, Ignite Fredericton’s new marketing intern. Pursuing an honours in psychology at St. Thomas University, Lulu is thrilled to bring her understanding of people’s behaviour to increase Fredericton’s market research.

What’s your story?

Hi! My name is Lulu Pastrana. I am on my fourth year at St Thomas University completing an honours degree in Psychology. I was born and raised in Morelia, a city in Mexico on the Pacific ocean side.  I decided to study psychology because in case you didn’t know, our brain accounts for 2% of our weight but contains 100 billion neurons that are responsible for every single detail that makes you, you! It is the most intricate and mysterious thing in the universe. Isn't that worth studying?

What makes you the perfect fit for this role?

My major has played a key role for me being able to fulfill this position. Marketing requires understanding people's desires, thoughts and being able to communicate in the best way possible. That is exactly what I have learned in school and now I get to apply it to my internship. Other extracurricular activities have also prepared me. I am Vice President of Human Resources at Enactus UNB, an academic club with a social entrepreneurship focus. I think Enactus lines perfectly with the goals Ignite Fredericton has. I have gained leadership skills as well as teamwork and public speaking abilities. In-school activities have given me the chance to help plan different events such as the Multicultural fair and the STU cares day of action.

Most importantly, Ignite Fredericton and I believe in the same things. Fredericton has so much potential for growth and we all can help our community and create an environment of social awareness and commitment through entrepreneurship.  

Why did you choose Fredericton?

To be honest, I first chose STU because they decided to accept me and grant me a full scholarship. I felt they believed in me and in my goals. When someone gives you that kind of support, it is impossible to refuse it. The university and the community have opened their door to me. Before coming here, I didn't know what to expect. I had many fears; is the school going to be too much for me? Am I going to have friends? What if I miss home? Fortunately, I have met amazing people and gotten opportunities I will always be grateful for. In a way, Fredericton gave me the chance to achieve my dreams, pursue things that interest me, and more importantly, it gave me the tools to do so. I am proud I dared to take a plane and come to Fredericton, not once have I regretted that decision.

What are the things that make you unique?

I would say I am someone who is not afraid to fail. People usually run away from challenges, or they back out at the very last second before jumping. When you have accepted the worse could happen, you dare to do more. I have always liked dreaming big, going for the challenges in front of me, and taking the opportunities I can. The fear that comes along all that is a fuel for me to continue and do even more. I once heard that if your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. Personally, I was scared to death before coming to the university, I was afraid before applying to honours, and now, I feel the same about graduating and going to Graduate School. But I have conquered that same fear before right? What tells me I won’t this time? Is not that I believe I will succeed at everything, but I will dare to do everything I can to complete my goals.