Welcome Adriana to the Ignite Fredericton team!

  • Mara
  • 2018-11-21



Join us in welcoming Adriana Badillo as our new marketing intern. Adriana is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in communications and economics at St. Thomas University. She is excited to bring her passion for digital marketing and economic development to enrich existing and upcoming projects.

What’s your story?

Hola! My name is Adriana Badillo and I’m twenty-one years old. I was born in Quito, Ecuador, which is a beautiful city squeezed between mountain peaks. Adventurous and outgoing, are two of the adjectives that best describe my personality. I moved to Canada four years ago, seeking a study experience off the typical path; different language, different culture, and different climate. I’m currently on my fourth year of studies, pursuing a double major in Economics and Communications with a minor in Political Science.

What makes you the perfect fit for this role?

I believe what makes me the perfect fit for this role is my personality, work experience, and academic background. First of all, I’m energized by socializing. I’m great at communicating with other people, both verbally and written. Second, I have great teamwork skills. In the past, I’ve worked as a Digital Communications intern at a magazine and thus, I’m familiar and a supporter of collaborative working environments. I enjoy sharing ideas and feedback, and communicating openly to offer solutions. Third, I’ve studied economic development and I’m aware of the factors, strategies, and the obstacles to reach it. This knowledge makes me the perfect fit and proves my interests are strongly aligned to Ignite Fredericton’s mission to attract, retain and support entrepreneurs and economic builders. Overall, I’m driven and a fast learner so I believe I’m qualified to do any task with great potential.

Why did you choose Fredericton?

I could say, in the beginning, I chose Fredericton because of St. Thomas University. After high school, I applied to multiple universities in North America and my choices were based on the academic programs. St. Thomas University recognized my hard work and interest, and offered me a major scholarship and that is why I moved here. However, I fell in love with what the city offers. It is small, but not tiny, the downtown is beautiful and the walking bridge is a magical and calm place. I chose Fredericton because it has the kindest, most caring and multicultural community. Furthermore, I chose to stay because the city offers an affordable and great student lifestyle. Along, with multiple amazing employment and volunteering experiences.

What are the things that make you unique?

One of my most unique qualities is my accent in English. Undoubtedly, everyone notices me for it and points on it.