Cyber Security

Fredericton Leadership in Cybersecurity

Operationally-critical infrastructure must be secure and dependable. As it evolves and grows, so does the number of security threats and violations, costing millions annually.  in 2016, IBM Security brought Watson, AI designed to enchance cybersecurity, to UNB to further its development:

"We are one of the major forces helping cybersecurity initiatives and problems." - Dr. Ali Ghorbani

Fredericton entrepreneurs and researchers are cybersecurity pioneers with a decade-long track record of developing advanced security software tools and attracting national and international attention.

Leveraging Cybersecurity Success

In 2009, IBM purchased Fredericton-based cybersecurity firm Q1 Labs, a deal estimated to be worth more than $600 million and one of the largest technology exits in Canadian history. IBM liked what it saw in Fredericton. Post-purchase, the global giant signed a multi-million dollar collaborative research agreement with UNB’s Information Security Centre of eXcellence (ISCX) to develop an intelligent toolset for automated security analysis and risk management for large-scale production systems. Read more.

Cybersecurity Education and Research

The University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Computer Science is the center of technology education and research in the region.

Academic and business leaders foresaw the shortage of cybersecurity expertise and worked proactively with the industry to develop cybersecurity training at UNB. The university remains responsive to ever-changing industry demands and has developed globally-renowned expertise and research capacity in cybersecurity over the past decade.

UNB cybersecurity research assets:

  • UNB Information Security Centre of Excellence (ISCX)
  • Home to the Canadian HoneyNet Project
  • Canada’s largest network security lab with internationally recognized cyber security research expertise
  • The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation Research Chair focused on advanced cybersecurity threat detection, response and mitigation systems.
  • Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity
  • Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (established 2015)  

Cybersecurity Research Expertise

Fredericton’s cybersecurity research takes a crack at solving the estimated $300 billion per year problem of cyber threats and attacks to business. UNB researchers developed DVMBot, a framework for automatic discovery, visualization, and mitigation of botnets. Other research aims to determine the digital profile of people developing malware and detection of malicious activity aimed at vulnerable groups.

Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline

Fredericton has an impressive brain trust of security-trained IT experts and a steady pipeline of UNB graduates that refresh the talent pool. In 2016 IBM Security brought Watson, AI designed to enhance cybersecurity, to UNB in order to help with its development. UNB is only one of the three institutions in Canada to work with IBM on training Watson.

"We are one of the major forces helping cybersecurity initiatives and problems." -Dr. Ali Ghorbani

Our people and research capacity are attracting companies and organizations with the biggest demands for cybersecurity expertise: 

Sentrant: Cybersecurity Success Story

Sentrant, a spin-off from UNB cybersecurity research, offers online advertising fraud detection software that identifies human versus non-human interaction – a technology anticipated to have a dramatic impact on the multimillion-dollar online advertising industry. Sentrant was named New Brunswick’s most promising start-up in 2014 and now has offices in Montreal and Vancouver.