Forest Biotechnology

New Brunswick: North America’s most forested jurisdiction

With 18 million acres of total landmass, 85 per cent of which is productive forest land, New Brunswick is North America’s most forested jurisdiction. Almost 50 per cent of New Brunswick’s forests are privately owned: over 42,000 private wood lot owners covering over 1.7 million hectares of forest. Favorable market conditions have resulted in increased investment and renewed growth in the province’s forest industry, with analysts predicting forestry as the growth engine of New Brunswick’s resource-rich economy.

Fredericton provides abundant niche opportunities for forestry biotechnology companies, including pulp and paper waste stream extraction, environmentally sustainable added value wood products, wood product and technologies development, advanced wood manufacturing, bio-refining, bioenergy, and more. 

Forestry and Wood Biomass Research in Fredericton

UNB Fredericton is one of only four participating universities in Natural Resources Canada’s “Value to Wood’ research program. UNB’s Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management is one of the leading natural resources research centres in Canada, with over 40 active researchers and 80 graduate students.

Other research and industry organizations include:

A Forestry Biotech Success Story

Fredericton-based BIOPolynet developed BioNanocoil, a simple environmentally friendly method to stabilize sand and soil, control industrial dust, and improve the performance of other industrial binders.  The product is an innovative solution for sand/dune stabilization and dust controlling in mining, quarrying, forestry, construction, and farming industries as well as the prevention of erosion by natural processes.