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Your eye will first be caught by the historic Victorian architecture and the darkly majestic St. John River. But look deeper past the acres of green space, under the canopy of stately elms, and you’ll find one of Canada’s most educated, loyal, and driven labour forces that has produced over $1 billion in start-up exits in the past decade.

You’ll find a city that has been recognized by fDI magazine as the #1 Micro-City in North America.

You discover a world leader in creating the first city-wide free wireless network and one of the highest quality and best value fibre-optic telecommunications networks available in Canada. You find impressive clusters of biotechnology, ICT, natural resources, and engineering firms that make waves globally.

You see a small city that produces more than 2800 university graduates per year, taught by some of North America’s most recognized Research Chairs in engineering, science and technology.

You’ll find a 2 square kilometer innovation district that generates more than 75% of the province’s academic research. Look deeper and you’ll see more than 60 research institutions, chairs, and organizations with research and business partners throughout the world.

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