Key Sectors

Fredericton produces success stories in almost every sector, thanks to an incredibly rich talent pool, impressive R&D capabilities, and advanced digital infrastructure. It's why we're one of North America’s top microcities for business investment (fDI Magazine 2015).

But in certain sectors, Fredericton gives business a leg up. In these sectors, we offer distinct competitive advantages over other regions of Canada and the world.

Natural Resources & Biotechnology: We’re located in the heart of one of Canada’s most diverse biomasses and have the lowest cost of entry for agricultural land in the country.  We’re the most forested jurisdiction in North America, with two of the richest coastlines. Our biotechnology industry is booming, thanks to Fredericton’s deep R&D assets.

ICT: We are R&D leaders in cyber-security, Big Data, GPS signaling, and avionics. We’ve already attracted the world’s top cybersecurity companies, including IBM and Forcepoint. Siemens built Canada’s first and only smart grid right here, providing our companies the chance to be first to market with next-generation clean technologies.

Oil & Gas: New Brunswick is estimated to have one of the richest deposits of shale gas in North America. We produce more than 300,000 barrels of refined petroleum products per day and built Canada’s first LNG import facility. New Brunswick’s proposed energy projects over the next decade tally more than $6 billion.

Engineering: Fredericton features one of the highest per capita clusters of engineers in North America. UNB has been graduating engineers since 1854, making us one of the most established, experienced, and export-driven engineering hubs in Canada.

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Natural Resources