Labour Force

Labour Force Depth and Expertise

Fredericton has one of the best micro-city talent pools in North America. We enrol over 10,000 students per year and produce over 2800 graduates annually from four universities and seven training colleges. A full 7.3% of Fredericton’s population has a master’s degree or higher, putting us 4th in Canada for average educational attainment.

Fredericton’s talent pool continually refreshes its diversity, skill, and creativity with influxes of college and university graduates, immigrants, and transient workforces. We consistently attract more than 30% of the province’s immigrants every year, adding to the already sophisticated and global cultural fabric. More than 3000 Aboriginal people live on Reserves within the Fredericton Area and Base Gagetown—Canada’s largest military base—draws thousands of military personnel and families from across Canada every year.

Fredericton’s brains power its economy. Over 70% of New Brunswick’s knowledge industry is in Fredericton. We have the highest concentration of engineers per capita in Canada, and more than 36% of New Brunswick’s college graduates have diplomas in science, mathematics, technology and engineering.

Canada's Longest Average Job Tenure

New Brunswick’s labour force has the longest average job tenure in Canada at 9.4 years—more than double the US average job tenure of 4.6 years. Companies located in Fredericton, including those in the contact centre industry, benefit from significantly lower recruitment and retraining costs thanks to an exceptionally loyal workforce.

Fredericton's Population Is Growing

There are 322,670 people living within a one-hour radius of Fredericton and 109,800 in the Fredericton Region.
Fredericton’s population increased by 11.3% since the last census.

Fredericton leads the province, attracting 30% of the total number of immigrants arriving annually.

Fredericton has the highest average family income levels in New Brunswick.

AreaFamily IncomeHousehold Income
Saint John$86,778$75,971
New Brunswick$77,226$68,135

Greater Fredericton is home to the CFB Gagetown,

the largest military training base in the British Commonwealth. CFB Gagetown employs 4500 military personnel, 1500 civilians, and attracts more than 5000 transient personnel per year.

Young Population

Fredericton’s median population age of 38.7 is younger than the Canadian average of 40.6


Smart and Smarter.

Three of the top five Anglophone high schools in New Brunswick are located in Greater Fredericton.
Of those aged 25 and over, 64.3% have some post-secondary education and 31% have a university degree, making Fredericton the fourth most university educated city in Canada.

Hello. Bonjour.

More than 22% of the population speaks both English and French.