Fredericton's Strategic Location & Markets

New Brunswick's Capital City

As New Brunswick’s Capital City, businesses have access to a sphere of influence with key government decision makers readily accessible. The municipal and provincial governments work closely together to ensure Fredericton’s business eco-system remains attractive and competitive. Fredericton entrepreneurs and business leaders benefit from direct access to government decision-makers.

100 Million Consumers Within a Day’s Drive

Fredericton’s geographic proximity to major centres like Boston, New York, and Halifax provides access to 100 million consumers within a day’s drive.

CitiesDistance (km)Distance (miles)
Bangor, Maine276172
Boston, Massachusetts652407
Charlottetown, PEI373233
Quebec City, Quebec500312
Halifax, Nova Scotia415259
Montreal, Quebec834521
New York, New York1009631
Toronto, Ontario1373858

Land, Air & Sea Transport Links

Fredericton is one hour from New Brunswick’s major deep sea port, which provides direct sea access to Europe and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. 

Situated on the Trans-Canada Highway, Fredericton is also Atlantic Canada’s closest city to Interstate 95—the major North-South highway corridor for the US Eastern Seaboard.

The Fredericton International Airport is located minutes from downtown Fredericton and is served by both Air Canada and Westjet. YFC provides daily direct flights to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax—all of which provide direct flights to all major international destinations.

The Developed World’s Most Convenient Time Zone

New Brunswick is located in time zone GMT -4.0, which allows Fredericton businesses to serve clients in many corners of the world (North America, South America, and Europe) in real time. No other region in Canada can support North American and European markets as cost-effectively or with the same quality as New Brunswick.