Marine Biotechnology


Fisheries and aquaculture are a big business in New Brunswick. We are rapidly transitioning from a historical export industry to a value-add processing and fishery products industry. Opportunities abound for fishery and aquaculture production innovation, bioscience research, supply chain, and waste stream processing. Our research capacity and New Brunswick’s rivers and coastlines combine for a fertile ecosystem for development and growth of health, clean tech, and fisheries-related environmental technologies.

Aquaculture Spawns New Products and Services

Aquaculture is a proven catalyst for the development of animal health products, new technologies, vaccines, and nutraceuticals. Today a growing cluster of producers, academic and private institutions, diagnostic facilities, and government agencies are working together to ensure growth and sustainability in one of rural NB’s more significant economic contributors.

Fredericton’s Marine Biotech Edge

In addition to a uniquely diversified fishery, a Fredericton location offers start-ups and growth-focused biotech companies:

  • Proximity to 90+ salmon production sites with export value over $117 Million
  • More than 60+ research centres 
  • Two distinct coastal zones 
  • Proximity to North and South American  and European markets, 
  • Competitive incentives and supportive tax credits, 
  • Experienced fish health expertise
  • Established marine biorefineries.
  • 14 bioscience non-academic institutes
  • Significant academic participation and government support

Aquaculture Biotech Success Story

New Brunswick-based Cooke Aquaculture, the largest aquaculture company in Canada, is growing mussels and seaweed to help clean up fish farm waste. Seaweed soaks up excess nitrogen and phosphorus from the fish waste, while the mussels thrive on the small organic particles. For larger particles that drift to the sea floor, researchers are looking at sea urchins as key to another part of an ecosystem designed to reduce the environmental impact of fish farms.