New Brunswick: World’s Best Place for Mining

New Brunswick was named the best place in the world for mining companies to do business (Fraser Institute Annual Survey 2012) based on its stable regulatory climate, a fair, transparent, and efficient legal system and consistency in the enforcement and interpretation of environmental regulations. New Brunswick also got high marks for its competitive tax regime and minimal uncertainty around disputed land claims. Since 2009, mineral exploration and deposit appraisal expenditures have more than tripled to nearly $34 million in 2014.

Fredericton’s proximity to major projects opens the door to significant opportunities for local and foreign engineering, environmental, and knowledge industry businesses and consultants.  

Major Projects

Sisson Project
(Molybdenumb/Tungsten mining project)

  • Construction Phase 500 jobs
  • Over 27 year life span
  • 300 highly paid jobs
  • 1.6 billion in income and mineral taxes