Natural Resources

Blessed with a more diverse biomass than any other province in Canada, New Brunswick’s natural resource sector and associated industries employ over 30,000 people and contributes more than $3.98 billion to the province’s GDP (approximately $600 M to Fredericton’s GDP). Natural resource-associated GDP is projected to rise 47% by 2024.

Fredericton: One of Canada’s Resource Cities

More than 350 engineering, ICT, biotechnology, environmental, and advanced manufacturing companies in the Fredericton region keep our natural resources sector globally competitive— one reason why Fredericton was named one of “Canada’s Resource Cities” by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Natural Resources Mega Investments

Fredericton’s natural resource sector business and employment are poised for growth. Current and planned natural resource investments for the next 10 years in New Brunswick total $6 billion. Fredericton businesses, from engineering to advanced manufacturing, play critical roles in natural resource mega-project supply chains.

Fredericton's Natural Resource Business Advantage





Oil and Gas