Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas Assets

New Brunswick has the makings of an energy hub, with extensive oil & gas infrastructure (both existing and planned) and natural gas reserves:

  • Thickest estimated natural gas reserves in North American (13 trillion cubic feet)
  • Canaport LNG import facility
  • Irving Oil Refinery, Canada’s largest producer at 300,000 barrels per day
  • Planned Canaport oil export facility
  • $2.2 billion Energy East pipeline 
  • Maritimes & Northeast Natural Gas Pipeline serving New England markets
  • Saint John Port, handling 26 million metric tonnes of liquid bulk cargo per year

The Fredericton Impact

Fredericton’s engineering and knowledge industry firms benefit from close proximity to energy mega-projects and participation their supply chains, multinational companies like Amec Foster Wheeler, Stantec and Rally Engineering.

Fredericton is New Brunswick’s engineering hub with the largest per capita engineering cluster east of Winnipeg. Leading research in energy and oil and gas, UNB and other research centres continue to build capacity and expertise, attracting researchers,  growing existing firms and spinning off new startups.  

Fredericton Oil & Gas Innovators

Green Imaging Technologies uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solutions for special core analysis in the petroleum sector. Inversa Systems developed first-of-its-kind technology to provide previously impossible to obtain physical infrastructure diagnostic information.

Energy Research Highlights at UNB Fredericton:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Centre: Specialized energy research (petroleum rock core analysis, batteries, fuel cells and biofuels) at the MRI Research Centre lab, the best-equipped lab of its kind in the world.
  • Urban and Community Studies Institute:  Societal and economic impacts from the transportation and renewable energy sectors. World-leading expertise in comparisons of biomass and biodiesel innovation ecosystems.
  • Wood Science and Technology Centre (WSTC) Canadian BioEnergy Centre (CEBC): CBE’s focus is on biofuels (pellets, briquettes and solid biomass), combustion performance including energy value and emission characteristic as well as evaluating the production and utilization of biofuels. 


  • Proposed $2.2 Billion Energy East pipeline projected to create 1,894 direct and 460 indirect New Brunswick jobs during seven years of development and construction  
  • Potential development of NB’s shale gas reserves creating jobs, attracting investment and creating many other spin-off benefits and opportunities.