Operating Costs


Canada's Most Cost-Competitive City

Fredericton is the most cost-competitive city for business in Canada and one of the best value jurisdictions in North America (KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2016). Our labour costs are some of the lowest in North America, yet Fredericton boasts the 4th most university educated population in the country. Low lease costs, corporate tax rates, and utilities combine to make Fredericton one of North America’s most cost advantageous regions.


Lowest Commercial Internet Costs

Fredericton operates its own ultra high-speed fibre-op network and offers commercial connectivity rates 75% lower than the competition. Fredericton sets the Canadian standard for wireless infrastructure, creating the first free city-wide wireless network (Fred-eZone). 

Companies in other jurisdictions typically pay $2500/month for ultra high-speed connectivity. Fredericton offers the lowest gigabit ultra-high speed connectivity in Atlantic Canada for approximately $250/month.

Low Cost Fringe Benefits

Fredericton’s legislated fringe benefit costs are 30% lower than average US fringe benefits. And Fredericton has no payroll tax.

No Health Insurance Premiums

Health care costs are paid out of general government revenues. New Brunswick collects no health care premiums from employers.

Low Corporate Income Taxes

New Brunswick has the lowest corporate income tax rate in Atlantic Canada.

Competitive Facility Costs

Fredericton offers a solid inventory of commercial space at highly competitive rates. Facility costs range approximately 20% lower than in the United States and 51% lower than other G7 locations. 

Knowledge Park

Located in the heart of the Fredericton’s Innovation District, Knowledge Park provides high-quality Class “A” office space and commercialization environment for knowledge-based industries. Tenants benefit from unique space, support services, and collaboration environments. Qualifying knowledge-based start-ups can apply to Fredericton’s Planet Hatch, which includes business and commercialization support, education, and free physical office space within Knowledge Park.