Fredericton has one of the best micro-city talent pools in North America. We enrol over 10,000 students per year and produce over 2800 graduates annually from four universities and seven training colleges. A full 7.3% of Fredericton’s population has a master’s degree or higher, putting us 4th in Canada for average educational attainment.

Fredericton’s talent pool continually refreshes its diversity, skill, and creativity with influxes of college and university graduates, immigrants, and transient workforces. We consistently attract more than 30% of the province’s immigrants every year, adding to the already sophisticated and global cultural fabric. More than 3000 Aboriginal people live on Reserves within the Fredericton Area and Base Gagetown—Canada’s largest military base—draws thousands of military personnel and families from across Canada every year.

Fredericton’s brains power its economy. Over 70% of New Brunswick’s knowledge industry is in Fredericton. We have the highest concentration of engineers per capita in Canada, and more than 36% of New Brunswick’s college graduates have diplomas in science, mathematics, technology and engineering.