Digital Product Development Living Lab

For 25 years, New Brunswick has served as a development and testing ground for some of North America’s most innovative products and services. Our intellectual capacity, leading telecommunications infrastructure, small size and nimbleness create the ideal development and testing environment for the digital society.

Today, Fredericton's superior digital infrastructure and R&D capacity make it an ideal development and testing ground for a much wider array of game-changing technologies and services. From smart grid energy products to cyber security software, Fredericton leverages its small city nimbleness and globally competitive intellectual and digital assets to provide the perfect environment for innovation.

Siemens Canada : Leveraging Fredericton's Living Lab

Fredericton is one of the world's most watched living labs for smart grid energy product development. Siemens Canada headquartered its Smart Grid energy initiatives in Fredericton, drawn by the city's impressive energy infrastructure, engineering cluster, information technology expertise, and model user community. 


Flipping the Healthcare System by Using New Brunswick as a Living Lab
Dr. Erik Scheme (BScEE’03, MScEE’05, PhD’13) is determined to flip Canada’s healthcare system on its head by shifting resources from costly treatment to proactive health intervention. As NB Innovation Research Chair in Medical Devices and Technologies, Scheme is amassing a cluster of individuals and organizations in the medical technologies and healthcare industries in New Brunswick to work on developing solutions to the growing healthcare crisis in the country...Read More